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Hellooo folks!! 💙💙

It’s been a minute but we finally have our February playtest dates for you —  here’s everything you need to know! 🤩

➡️When: February 18-22

➡️Where: Discord

➡️What: You’ll get exclusive access to the entire first chapter of Spiral! (You need about 3-4 hours for the playtest)

➡️How: Sign up here to participate and we’ll contact you shortly! 

It’s true! This playtest includes the finally entire first chapter of Bernard’s story in its polishing phase!!👀 We’re so excited to share this little piece of Bernard with you and hear what you think – as we’re sure you know, every little bit of feedback helps us indie devs a ton.

That said, we hope to see ya there and 💖✨ THANK YOU 💖✨ for all the love and support you’ve shown Spiral thus far everyone!

-Melissa & the Folklore Family

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