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Soo, we have a blog now!? Yes, we do! We’ve been wanting to update our website for a while now but thanks to some insanely hard work from our Project Manager, Jes, and the special touch of our Art Director, Audrey, it’s finally here! 

In case you’re new to Folklore Games and know nothing about our upcoming narrative adventure game, Spiral, we thought it would be fitting to make our first post here on the blog all about how development began and where we currently are in production.  Ready for a trip down memory lane?

The Story of Spiral

Spiral tells the story of Bernard, a man suffering from cognitive dysfunction. He is on a journey to try and relive his memories before they fade away forever into The Void. The idea of Spiral started back in 2018 when Mikhael (our Game Director) and Audrey (our Art Director) met with our concept artist at the time, Stéphen Meury to discuss what they wanted the overall feeling of Spiral to be. After establishing the art style and cementing the game’s story, Spiral took off from there! 

Concept Art by Stéphane Meury

(Concept Art by Stéphane Meury)

Since then, Folklore Games has grown 14-people strong. We brought Spiral’s first demo to MIGS in 2019 and recently completed our vertical slice to share with a few publishers (maybe we’ll find our perfect match!?). Cross your fingers for us!  Despite the craziness of 2020, we’ve been hard at work on continuing development – but those details are for another post 🙂 

A Poetic Exploration Through a Disintegrating Mind 

By walking in Bernard’s shoes and helping him to reconstruct his memories through dialogue, puzzles and mini games, we hope that players will think more about what it might be like to live and deal with cognitive dysfunction. Above all else, we want Spiral to help create a sense of empathy, patience and resilience in those who play it. 

Memories That You’ll Carry With You

Of course, there is no true way to understand what someone with cognitive dysfunction is going through but many within our team have had family and friends who suffered with it. We found ourselves all wondering the same things with little to no resources to satisfy us. So we wanted to try and open up that conversation in the best way we knew how – through a game. 


But Spiral isn’t all serious! We’ve also got a fluffy dog, gorgeous landscapes and plenty of dnd references that will soothe your soul in Spiral’s quieter moments. 

And that about wraps up the story of Spiral – but it’s a story that has only begun. If you like what you’ve seen so far, be sure to keep checking back here for more news (or sign up for our newsletter,) and remember to follow us on social media – we’ve been posting a ton of new art lately

With that said, stay safe and happy new year!

-Folklore Team


Robert Foster-Jeffrey
January 7, 2021
Following the project and excited to see where it goes!
January 7, 2021
Happy to have you with us for this journey Robert! :) Thanks for taking the time to share! :)

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