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Hey – sorry it’s been a minute since we updated the blog!

While everyone is working hard at the moment on creating episode 2 and polishing episode 1, there’s also a lot of things we’ve had to keep a surprise 😉 But, we can finally say that we are casting for episode 2…and there’s a twist!

At the start of episode 2, Bern becomes close to 3 other kids and later, they become lifelong friends later in the game. And while we’ve technically written their personalities and quirks, we decided to leave their gender / identities up to whoever ends up voicing them!

. . .

The Friends

First up we’ve got Jaime;  a soft-spoken vegan who loves animals but is a terrible drive

Next, there’s Danny; a happy-go-lucky baker who is always the first to make people laugh, despite a difficult past

and lastly, we’ve got Tyler; the designated leader of the group and dungeon master whenever they play DND. He’s always putting on a brave face when the one of them is going through something tough.

. . .

Again, casting call is open to all and we encourage anyone who has ever wanted to voice a game character to audition! 🙂

Check out our official call to read up on the details and don’t be afraid to drop us a line on any of our platforms (or through email,) if you have questions. We don’t bite!

PS. this is of course, a PAID gig!!

We can’t wait to hear from you all and see Bernard’s friends begin to take shape within the game!

-The Folklore Family

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