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Hey everyone, 

It’s been a while, we know! But maybe you’ll forgive us when we tell you our news…


In fact, we’ve got the date right here – *Opens super secret envelope* 

On March 7th at 6AM ET, you’ll be able to download Spiral’s demo FOR FREE on Steam! We are so freaking excited for you to be able to finally step into Bernard’s mind and see what navigating the void and wandering through his memories will be like. 

The demo is about 15 minutes long and while it doesn’t actually include a scene from the game, our goal was to introduce Bernard and his crumbling state of mind. Featuring an original, moody and melancholic score from the game, you’ll be able to explore an important location in-game, meet new characters, and experience Spiral all the while keeping the actual game spoiler-free 😉 

So if you haven’t already and want to know the second our demo goes live, feel free to add it to your wishlist here! ⭐ 

From everyone in the Folklore family who has tirelessly worked on Spiral and getting this demo out, thank you so much for checking Spiral out –  we really hope you enjoy it!

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