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Hey folks,

It’s been one month since we released our demo out into the world and first off, we’ve got to say – THANK YOU <3 For all the support and the love you’ve given Bernard – he also says thank you! ^^

For today’s post, we just wanted to give a little dev update about how everything with Spiral’s been going since!

Hear it First!🎙️

First off, in case you didn’t know, we launched our brand new discord server right before the release of our demo!

Things you’ll find on our Discord:

  • Bi-weekly juicy dev updates given straight from our game director, Mikhael!
  • TOP SECRET behind-the-scenes Spiral art
  • We also share a lot (probably too many) of our dev pet pics :3

So if that sounds like your jam, come join our server and hang out with us!


We’re Streaming!🎥

In case you missed it, we’ve also started streaming bi-weekly! Do we know what we’re doing? no.. Are we streaming pros? not even close.. xD BUT our amazing project manager Jes has volunteered to take the helm of our Twitch adventure and has so far done an awesome job! Definitely go check out what we’ve got so far…and look forward to many, many more 😀

Some things we’ve already streamed:

  • A demo walkthrough – ft. our devs!
  • Playthroughs of games that inspired Spiral
  • Dev Dates – aka get to know us a little better as we chat about game design and answer your questions!


Game Updates and New In-Game Menus!👀

And last but not least, we wanted to share where we are with the game itself! We’re reaching the end of having at least a first draft of everything, which means that soon enough, we’ll be playtesting the first phase of Spiral! A good place to hear news of that in fact, is our Discord! We (can’t say yet,) but we’ve got some really exciting announcements coming soon – but what we can tell you is that basically…this summer is going to be jam packed with content! To tide you over until then, here’s some really cool pics of our brand new in-game menus! We are LOVING how they’re looking!

What do you think? 🙂 Let us know in the comments down below!

Well! That about wraps up our little game/studio update. We hope you liked our little catch up and come hang with us on either Discord or one of our upcoming Streams 👋 See you there!

Love sincerely,

Melissa & The Folklore Family <3

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